What we do

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Process Engineering Solutions

The semiconductor industry is continuously moving forward, which means that your devices have to constantly perform better. In turn, this places increasingly rigorous and stringent demands on the assembly processes. KKM WORKS INC. helps by providing specific process-engineering support and expertise to qualify new devices, materials and processes, or improve existing ones.



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Production Backup and Augmentation

The volatility of semiconductor demand means you can get sudden orders that may strain your production capacity. To add on, preventative maintenance schedules and unexpected breakdowns have a nasty habit of coinciding with important customer requirements. The immediate volume requirements may also keep you off guard with the manpower and equipment investments needed to meet the throughput required. We will prevent your delivery backlog and mitigate your costs in labor, materials, and purchase of equipment.



Our Capability

• 310 sq. m. production facility
• Class 10K Cleanroom environment
• 8,000 wafers/month wafer backgrind capacity
• 13,000 wafers/month wafer saw capacity